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Kris Evans kao Kapetan Amerika

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23. март 2010.
LOS ANĐELES, 23. marta 2010. (Beta) - Američki glumac Kris Evans prihvatio je naslovnu ulogu u filmu "Kapetan Amerika" koji će biti snimljen prema istoimenom stripu studija Marvel.

Evansu (28) je uloga ponuđena prošle sedmice, objavio je Holivud riporter. Glumac je već igrao superheroja, u filmovima serijala "Fantastična četvorka".

Režiser filma "Kapetan Amerika" biće Džo Džonston. Film bi trebalo da stigne u bioskope u julu 2011.

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Ćris Evans ačepts 'Captain America' mantle (exclusive)

Ćris_capt Ćris Evans will play Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America.

Sources tell us the actor has not only ačepted Marvel's offer, first detailed on Friday, but that the dealmaking moved so fast it's now all about dotting the i's and crošing the t's.

Marvel would not comment on the development, and CAA, whić reps the actor, declined comment.

Evans was offered the role in Marvel Studios' production last week, but there was some question of whether he would ačept. Factoring in to the ćoice was the fact that Evans played Johnny Storm, the flame-covered superhero known as the Human Torć in Fox's "Fantastic Four" movies. Was he ready to play another superhero and take on the trappings that come with suć a high-profile part?

Evans took a few days to think it over, and once he decided he was willing to wield the shield, negotiations moved quickly over the weekend.