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Wikimedia Serbia (Викимедија Србије) is a local chapter that is organized and seated in Belgrade, Serbia. It was founded as Wikimedia Србије и Црне Горе on December 3, 2005.

The bylaws are available in Serbian and English.

The current president of the organization is Filip Maljković and the vice president is Đorđe Stakić.

Current Board

The Board consists of the following people (elected on December, 2016):

  • [[<tvar|user2>:w:sr:User:Djordjes</>|Đorđe Stakić]]
  • [[<tvar|user3>:w:sr:User:Dungodung</>|Filip Maljković]]
  • [[<tvar|user4>:w:sr:User:AxeAdam20</>|Marko Adam]]
  • [[<tvar|user5>:w:sr:User:Mickey Mystique</>|Miroslav Loci]]
  • [[<tvar|user6>:w:sr:User:Miljan Simonović</>|Miljan Simonović]]
  • [[<tvar|user8>:w:sr:User:B4Web</>|Bojana Satarić]]


  • [[<tvar|user2>:w:sr:User:IvanaMadzarevic</>|Ivana Madžarević]], Community and Project Manager
  • [[<tvar|user6>:w:sr:User:Neboysha87</>|Nebojša Ratković]], Education Program Manager
  • [[<tvar|user5>:w:sr:User:Bojan Cvetanović</>|Bojan Cvetanović]], Office Manager


Official website:




Mailing list (public):


Postal address:

Vikimedija Srbije
Dečanska 4/3, 1st floor
11000 Beograd, Serbia

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