Викиновости:Bot policy

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This is a translation of the Serbian page Викиновости:Бот политика.

Permission to run a bot[уреди]

Note that running a bot without request and permission will result in a block of the bot account!

Criteria for permission to run a bot[уреди]

  • There is no other active bot who is doing the same task.
  • It is described exactly what the bot does.
  • There is a user who is responsible for the bot and looks after it.
  • There is a separate user account for the bot.
    • The actions and the course of action are described on the bot's user page.

Running a bot[уреди]

  • The bot is supervised by its owner and does not run for a longer time period without supervision.
  • The bot never works without permission on project pages outside the article name space.
  • The bot fills in the summary texts with meaningful content (not with „XYZ-Bot was here!“)). Then it is easier for human users to supervise the bot.
  • If there are problems or complaints or if the owner wishes so, the permission of running a bot can be withdrawn.

Bot flag[уреди]

  • Bot flags are only given to bots which do not make changes with regard to the informational content and fulfil always the same tasks (for example update/refresh pages). Bots placing interwiki links, do never get a bot flag.
    • If there have not been any problems within seven (7) days of running the bot, the bot flag can be asked for at the corresponding project page. If in the poll a majority of users who are entitled to vote, vote for a bot flag, a bureaucrat will set the flag. If there are any problems or complaints or if the owner wishes so, the flag can be removed.


… can be made at Викиновости:Захтеви за давање ботовских права.